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Next Wildlife Aid Meeting is Sunday 19th October at 11am, Muswellbrook RSL Club

WILDLIFE RESCUE: Wildlife Aid is the only group in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW Licensed by Office of Environment & Heritage in conjunction with National Parks & Wildlife Service to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release native fauna. If you find injured, orphaned or distressed  wildlife, or if you have an unwelcome visitor in your backyard or workplace, call us.  Our friendly 24/7 telephone operators will arrange rescue and care until the animal is ready for release back into the wild.  Our members only rescue live animals.  Please contact Singleton Council,  Muswellbrook CouncilUpper Hunter Shire Council or Mid Western Regional Council if you need deceased animals removed.

WILDLIFE TO BE SECURED IN WARM, DARK, QUIET PLACE:  Native fauna does not respond well to human contact.  The stress of handling can be fatal to any injured wildlife.  Follow our Basic Rescue tips and call us immediately, even a short delay can affect the animal’s chance of survival.

WILDLIFE MUST NOT BE FED: The animal will almost certainly be in shock, so requires specialised treatment, rehydration and an appropriate diet.  They have a minimal chance of survival without it.   It is illegal to keep native fauna without a licence, even if orphaned or injured - click for Office of Environment & Heritage licensing information.  Wildlife must be passed to a licensed rescue group as soon as possible. You are invited to become a member of Wildlife Aid and learn how to care for local fauna.  Just click on ‘Join Us’ and complete the membership form or phone our hotline 0429 850 089.

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