Upper Hunter Valley NSW Australia
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About Us

Wildlife Aid is a not for profit network of dedicated unpaid volunteers (aged 18 to 80) from a diverse range of backgrounds and skills. They donate their time and resources to rescue, rehabilitate where possible, then release healthy wildlife back to the wild.  They are the only group in the Upper Hunter licensed by National Parks & Wildlife NSW and Office of Environment & Heritage. The welfare of native fauna is a vital part of our environment and a responsibility that should be of concern to all Australians.   The common goal is survival of native fauna for future generations to enjoy.

Australia is one of the most biodiverse continents in the world, thought to be home to over 1 million flora and fauna species, many of which are found nowhere else on the planet. In the last 200 years more than 125 species of flora and fauna have become extinct, more mammals than on any other continent in the world. In excess of 360 animal species are currently listed as threatened. Almost all of this is due to human impact, habitat destruction, the urban sprawl, predation by introduced species particularly cats, wild dogs and foxes, climate change, road kill, the list goes on!

Wildlife Aid receives thousands of calls per year from the public, local business, mines, police and vets. Our trained and experienced team of volunteer phone operators, rescuers and carers respond to provide sick, injured or orphaned animals with the highest level of care, including veterinary examination and treatment if required. This gives the animal its best chance for recovery possible, and a high likelihood of survival when returned to the wild.

Join Us or Donate: If you would like to join the dedicated team of volunteers at Wildlife Aid, see the Join Us page or if you would like to donate money or equipment to Wildlife Aid to assist animals in care, see the Donations & Gifts page.