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The cost for a month’s worth of specialised food paid for by Mt Thorley Yancoal

One month's food purchases

One month’s worth of bulk food purchases for Wildlife Aid

Specialised food for the many species we rehabilitate at Wildlife Aid is our biggest ongoing cost. Early this month we received a very kind donation from Mt Thorley Yancoal that will go towards bulk food purchases which we can then offer at a subsidised cost to our carers.

Helen, Wildlife Aid Food Coordinator, is pictured here with approximately one month of specialty food purchases (about $2,000 worth). She tirelessly does inventory, assesses future requirements, orders food each month then bags up into small appropriate lots to be offered at a subsidised rate for Wildlife Aid Carers. She takes phone orders then has food ready for pickup. She used to do this relentless job whilst doing rescues and also having many animals in care. Helen has been voluntary Food Coordinator for more than 10 years and deserves our Unsung Hero Award.

However, Wildlife Aid’s main thanks must go to our generous sponsors who donate money so we can afford to purchase foods in bulk, without which our carers could not afford to care and feed their many orphans.

Thank you very much Mt Thorley Yancoal!

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