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Rescued from bird netting

Andrew Burton

Rescued From Bird Netting This eastern brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis) was found tangle in bird netting in the Bulga-Milbrodale area, the call was made to Bulga National Parks and Wildlife Service, who sent out a field officer but he was unable to release the snake as it was tightly tangled in the netting only a few inches away from its head. The field officer cut out a section of the netting with the snake, keeping well clear of the head as the snake was fairly cranky by this stage.
The snake was bagged, taken back to the depot, then handed on to Wildlife Aid who have the necessary equipment and members who are trained to deal with these situations. The netting was very tight around the neck, so a scalpel could not be used, a small pair of scissors was the best option and with the snakes head free, this was a reasonably dangerous task, it was cranky and would have bitten given the chance.
The snakes head was placed in a restraining tube allowing us to safely use the scissors this close to its head, the tip of the scissors where gently slide under the netting and it was cut free. Once all the netting was cut away the snake was checked for any serious injuries while still in the restraining tube, there where a couple of bruise marks where the netting was tight but no deep cuts or other serious injuries. The snake was then released, lets hope it has learnt a lesson about bird netting.
Snake in Bird Netting as the snake came in with netting tightly wrapped around its neck
Snake in restraining tube first it was placed in the restraining tube
Snake crawling up tube as the netting was cut loose the snake crawled further up the tube
Snake after netting cut loose slight bruising where the netting was tight around its neck
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