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Wildlife Aid membership is open to anyone over 18 years of age. Because animals may not be relocated from the jurisdiction they have been rescued from, only members residing in the Upper Hunter region may take part in caring for animals.

You choose how you want to contribute as a member

  • Become a financial member only.
  • Take part in animal rescues.
  • Become a foster carer. Decide what species you may have the time, space and skills to care for.
  • Assist with the Hotline.
  • Take part in fundraising and awareness activities.
  • Help with the administrative aspects.
  • Help with the construction of fences, possum boxes, joey pouches etc.
  • You may have a desperately needed safe soft release site that is suitable for the transitional release of joeys.


Wildlife Aid members receive basic training before they may participate in rescue activities. Foster carers undertake species specific training and an inspection of their intended housing arrangements to ensure they are adequate for the species they will be caring for. You will be mentored by an experienced carer if required, to ensure you are competent and confident to care for these vulnerable animals.

Membership fees

Membership costs $25.00 per financial year (01 July to 30 June each year).

Carer expenses

Wildlife Aid relies on fundraising activities, public donations and sponsors to fund the operating expenses of the group. Costs of equipment and food are subsidised by the group but our members still carry a large percentage of the costs incurred in the rehabilitation of the animals.  Veterinary expenses are paid by the group with substantial support from local vets, limitations may be in place so please check with your species coordinator before visiting a preferred veterinary hospital.

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Complete the membership form below to start your future of caring for injured or orphaned Australian wildlife. Your application will be reviewed by the committee, and you will be notified when your application is approved.

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PO Box 619, Singleton NSW 2330, Australia

0429 850 089



We could really do with your help.
If you live in the Upper Hunter region of NSW please join us. You may contribute in any way you are able, from assisting with fund raising, manning the 24/7 hotline, constructing fences, animal transport or caring for your preferred species. To find out more visit the Join Us.